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Data Science for Performance Acceleration

Hadrian Advisors founded in 2015, started as a pure player Big Data and machine learning has since created an ecosystem of key competencies through startups and freelancers. The move was done in order to stay on top of the ongoing technological change that is taking place in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Hadrian’s team is fully versed in agile development methods and techniques.

With the new generative Al models, A.I. is now at the forefront of digital transformation. We aim at improving companies ROl through Al bricks rapidly deployed in production.


Through us you have access to data scientists, prompt engineers, fullstack Devs and DevOps to develop and implement solutions within your enterprise.

Our Skills & Expertise

After years of developing classical data science and machine learning solutions we have shifted our focus to generative AI and the new Large Language Models (LLMs) from OpenAl, and other commercially usable open source models.


Honing on skills such as prompt engineering, finetuning and semantic word embeddings.

Quantitative Finance & Data Science 0
Algorithms & Prediction Models 0
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