The Team

Please meet Hadrian Advisors skills

President and co-founder of Hadrian Advisors SaS, Xavier de Bernede has 25 years experience in quantitative finance and data science.


He was president and founder of Gaia Conseil SA a risk management and consulting firm (2000-2010), co-founder of Foundation Capital Strategies in Bermuda (1998-2007), an investment management Company where he ran a quantitative hedge fund (the ANOVA fund).


From 1994 to 1998 he was a senior equity trader for a Ross Capital Markets a Bermuda Based Hedge fund. Prior to that, Xavier worked in Private Banking at Paribas Asset Management and Ferri S.A. trading derivatives (1990-1994). Xavier has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Texas at Austin and a Maitrise of Economics and Finance from Université Paris Dauphine.

Founder & CEO
Xavier de Bernede
Interim CTO
Cédric Mavoungou

Cedric Mavoungou is part of Hadrian Advisors’ research team as interim CTO.

Cedric’s focus is to better our algorithms, and prediction models.

He recently completed his Masters in applied mathematics, modelling, and mathematics of decision making at Université Paris Dauphine.

He accumulated over a year of experience in machine learning in the fields of insurance working and financial markets whilst obtaining his Masters. His Masters dissertation was focused on the use of algorithms in Life Sciences.

As a fresh Bachelor graduate of the Grenoble Business School in France, he has worked at A.A.S. Carburants, an oil distributing company prior to joining the team.


While studying, he gained experience in the commodities business through various internships at SucDen UK and in Brazil.


Since then, he has learned the basics of algorithmic programming and is in charge of the maintainance of the network of the company, as well as the earliest stage of cleaning and organising the data.

Maximilien Pelletier
Moscow Director
Dmitry Tikhomirov

Dmitry has over 15 years experience in team and project management.


As a COO he has brought to completion complex cross-border ventures in the trading sector; and has been involved over the years in procurement management, ERP as well as financial financial markets arbitrage. Multi-cultural, skilled in both the « real economy » and the world of trading, Dmitry is spearheading part the Moscow based R&D and fullstack coding, and his business relationships are fully in line with the flexible workforce model that is Hadrian’s.


Furthermore, he has a successful 10-year relationship with Hadrian’s shareholders and the level of trust and confidence that comes with that. Mr Thikhomirov has a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Moscow automobile and road construction state technical university.

Dmitry is a software engineer with a particular interest in web technologies.


Full stack developper, he graduated from Dubna International University of Nature, Society, and Man (Moscow Region) at 2008. He has extensive experience in payment systems, e-commerce and electronic distribution systems.


His current focus has now shifted to cloud based architectures with custom business browser client applications.

Software Engineer
Dmitrii Iankovoi
Software Developer
Sergey Gridasov

Sergey is a Software developer in a wide variety of applications with a stronghold in designing software architecture.


With over 10 years experience in software development, Sergey is fluent in GUI development using HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript frameworks as well as middleware and back-end development using.


Net and NodeJs platforms. Last but not least, Sergey is a certified expert in storage development on Microsoft SQL Server, experienced in a various types of NOSQL solutions (MongoDB, Redis, RavenDB etc.).

Martin joined the company as a data scientist in 2019.  Prior to that he worked in machine learning at Symbals a solution provider for identifying musical content.


Martin completed his Masters in Computer Science and Machine Learning at the Université de Bordeaux.

Data Scientist
Martin Bazalgette
Research Consultant
Paul Fogel (Ph.D)

Masters from the French National School of Telecommunications, PhD in statistics at the French Institute of Agronomy.


He started his career as an engineer in the automotive industry, providing quality tools for controlling the geometry of car parts. He then turned to the pharmaceutical industry, eventually consulting for a number of small and large companies at the research level.


Paul Fogel developed a unique statistical package to provide his clients with cutting edge technology involving non-negative matrix and tensor factorization. He helped finding useful biomarkers, and published some of his findings with the client companies.

Paul has been working with us has a research consultant since 2016.

Ralph Gonzales (Ph.D) received his Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania as a systems engineer.


Ralph can design and engineer solutions and tools devoted to high-performance, multi-threaded network monitoring applications. He is a developer in C/C++, PHP, Perl, Bash, Ext JS, MySQL for Windows or Linux platforms.


Ralph has been working with us has an outsourced consultant since 2000.

Outsourced Consultant
Ralph Gonzales (Ph.D)

Hadrian Advisors deploys machine learning techniques in various sectors. Our company is based in Paris and the team has been dedicated to data science since 2010.

Hadrian Advisors is currently looking for new talents to join the team in order to achieve greater goals together.