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AI Driven Consulting

Insert Generative A.l. (ChatGPT) in your Business Units to improve productivity

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Digital Consulting

Data pipeline, scalability and automation, prompt engineering and LLM integration

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Lean Booster

Improve your lean practices using Large Language models like ChatGPT in secure and private solutions

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After years of developing classical data science and machine learning solutions we have shifted our focus to generative AI and the new Large Language Models (LLMs) from OpenAl, and other commercially usable open source models.


Honing on skills such as prompt engineering, finetuning and semantic word embeddings.

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Leveraging your Data

with state of the art A.l.


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Our Solutions

Hadrian Sengine

A Twitter Redddit and Google and Bing News sentiment analysis generic platform. The platform is fully customizable and fully automatic using a transformers neural network algorithm for the Natural Language Processing analysis. Usecases available upon request.


Hadrian Social Quality Engine (Ethos)

A Linkedin based Web-engine coupled with hybrid machine learning technology to map the human capital of medium size companies. This tool is extremely useful for private equity firms or due diligence phases prior to investing.

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Our Bots look at commodities, equity indices and crypto currencies across various timeframes. They are r based on True A.I. using state of the art reinforcement learning proprietary algorithms and our Hadrian pipeline tool.



Our digital consulting platform allows for independent freelancers to post their profiles and corporate clients to quickly find available freelancers suited to their needs.


Our financial data pipeline allows firms to integrate proprietary data with factset and Bloomberg data and social media data whether we are looking at intraday or end of day and do “on the fly” featurization with a zero look ahead bias. We get data ready to be ingested by any algorithm in order to extract signal from noise.

Front end Stock Pairs Alpha tool

Bespoke set of front middle and back office tools to run long short equity strategies. With the ability to generate alpha trading pairs, including risk analysis, fundamental and technical information, portfolio management and execution.

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